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Trisquel is a fully free operating system based in GNU/Linux, for domestic users, small enterprises and educational centers.

All the contents of this directory are free software as defined by the Free Software Foundation.

Setting up your sources.list:

If this is an official mirror, it will appear in your package manager repository settings. If it's not in the list, let us know!

If this is a personal mirror, use this content for the /etc/apt/sources.list, replacing with the URL for this directory. Note that the backports section is optional, you need to uncomment the last two lines to use it.

For Trisquel 4.0 LTS Taranis

deb taranis main
deb-src taranis main

deb taranis-updates main
deb-src taranis-updates main

deb taranis-security main
deb-src taranis-security main

#deb taranis-backports main
#deb-src taranis-backports main

For Trisquel 3.5 STS Awen

deb awen main
deb-src awen main

deb awen-updates main
deb-src awen-updates main

deb awen-security main
deb-src awen-security main

#deb awen-backports main
#deb-src awen-backports main

For Trisquel 3.0 STS Dwyn

deb dwyn main extras
deb-src dwyn main extras

deb dwyn-updates main extras
deb-src dwyn-updates main extras

deb dwyn-security main extras
deb-src dwyn-security main extras

#deb dwyn-backports main extras
#deb-src dwyn-backports main extras

#deb sugar-dwyn main extras
#deb-src sugar-dwyn main extras

For Trisquel 2.x LTS Robur

deb robur main extras
deb-src robur main extras

deb robur-updates main extras
deb-src robur-updates main extras

deb robur-security main extras
deb-src robur-security main extras

#deb robur-backports main extras
#deb-src robur-backports main extras

#deb sugar-robur main extras
#deb-src sugar-robur main extras

Mirror servers can be updated via rsync:

## Full mirror (238GB):
rsync -rlpt local_path --delete-after -hi --stats

## ISO images (16GB):
rsync -rlpt local_path --delete-after -hi --stats

## Repository of binary and source packages  (222GB):
rsync -rlpt local_path --delete-after -hi --stats

Fri Apr 30 00:43:35 CEST 2010